Aaron Jolly

Bugs in Office 365 LTI inside people/groups - eg. freezing pages / comments

Discussion created by Aaron Jolly on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Mark Van de Velde

Hi there, has anyone else had issues with the stability of Office 365 LTI in Canvas Collaborations (in your main site or inside People/Groups)? We use collaborative writing here at the Centre for English Teaching, the University of Sydney, and during our tests 5 different teachers (in different rooms, on different days, with different computers) have had issues such as pages freezing when loading, comments freezing, one teacher was sent to a log-in page for a different university, or in my case I was able to add 4 students to a group doc but then couldn't add the other students to other groups as the system just froze. At this rate of bug reporting, we're likely to recommend teachers to use G-docs instead, even though that means having to get a lot of International students to get gmail accounts when they start here - an added chore we'd prefer not to have to do. Canvas has a few quirks that we've had to work around but this is the worst bug I've encountered by far.