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Blueprints vs. Commons

Discussion created by Fitsum Abebe (Admin) on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Kevin Wright

Dear All,

Our team have been tried to see the similarities and differences between Blueprint and Commons to manage several sections or courses with a group of instructors/TA's. We've been using Commons and at this stage we are testing Blueprint.


We would be happy if you could share your own experience in using either of them or both. Why you choose it? How it went? What challenges you faced? What was your best practice?  Why you chose Blueprint over Commons or vice versa etc


We’ve also organized summary notes on the differences and similarities while we are testing. Please feel free to insert your comments in the google doc. Your comments will help in organizing and updating the notes to share with our faculty. We are eager to hear from you.


Thank you,