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Creating a Copying a Quiz Template

Discussion created by Michael McCain on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by ysmalls

I would like to give weekly quizzes in my class.  Basically, I would like to use quizzes in canvas as online scantrons.  In other words, every student will have a physical copy of the quiz content given to them as a handout.  They will then open canvas, then open quiz 1 and then just select a, b, c or d for question 1 and then question 2 and so on.  There will be no content other than that in canvas.  


Since every quiz will look the same I thought I could create one quiz and then duplicate it. Then go in and change the correct answers so that canvas can automatically grade each quiz.  Is it possible to duplicate a quiz in this way?  I don't want the same quiz.  I will use one for the first quiz and another for the second and so on... ideas?