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Triggers for recording communication analytics

Question asked by Jeffrey Anderson on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Peyton Craighill

My main reference for this question is this document:


A colleague has posed a question about the student analytics feature: when administration is trying to leverage the analytics feature of Canvas to determine how responsive an instructor is to student questions, it would seem obvious that if ALL communication messages that originated from the Canvas Conversations tool (inbox) that this is the main determining factor. However...


  • What about feedback on assignments via submission comments? Would those contribute to making the communication analytic feature display messages back and forth between student and instructor?
  • What if the instructor responds to the notification message only via their preferred default email? Does this affect the communication analytic display to show that instructor has been communicating with the student? We have instructors who do everything via email and sometimes avoid the Conversations (Inbox) feature altogether.


This is important feedback to determine how an online instructor is performing with respect to timely communication in a course that uses Canvas. It would be good to know what it means when this analytic box is completely empty despite the fact that the instructor may be using other tools both outside of AND inside of Canvas to respond to students.