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Ticket to Test

Discussion created by Barbara Goebel on Dec 10, 2017
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I'm finding that even with study materials produced in multiple formats and available in multiple media, my 7th grade science students are reluctant to independently study materials provided for review and extended learning. As a result, many of my students do not deepen their understanding and successfully prepare for our rigorous assessments.

In the standards-referenced science classroom, there is always an option to do additional study and to take a retest for full replacement credit, and some students do access the additional materials when they are required to retest, but I would like to create a system to encourage (require?) deeper study and practice to prepare for assessment, rather than to remediate incomplete learning.

I'm considering creating a "Ticket to Test" that each student would keep as proof of their attempts at study, and as part of a learning portfolio. Only students who completed their tickets would be allowed to take the assessment as scheduled. With administrative support, reluctant learners would be completing the prep work in academic labs, at lunch time, and during advisory periods, if they were not able to do the work independently as homework.

My thought is to create something like a Google Sheet with a tab for each standard to be assessed. Each page of the spreadsheet would include places to record mini-quiz scores or a viewing log for the list of the simulators, videos, and other activities offered.

Before developing this document, perhaps someone in our wide community has a suggestion to offer. Is anyone out there doing some type of student driven data collection like this already? Is anyone having students use Canvas or Google products, or some other type of portfolio for this purpose?Q & A@


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