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When do external links from a Canvas page open a new tab?

Question asked by James McLean on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by James Jones

On the Front Page for my course, I have several links to external URLs.  They are just simple HTML links—for instance, the HTML tags do not have a target attribute.  Some of them, when clicked, create a new tab in my browser (that is, target="_blank" type behavior).  Others, when clicked, open in the same browser tab, entirely replacing the Canvas page (that is, target="_top" type behavior).  Each link is consistent in how it behaves, but I cannot find any rhyme or reason to which behavior I get with which link.  Why is this inconsistent?


In the Canvas Guides I find questions about external links in modules, and about external links in the navigation.  These seem to have complexities to them.  But my question is not about that, it is about simple external links on a page.