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Printing a string of email messages from Canvas

Question asked by Michelle Everson on Dec 10, 2017
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Perhaps I am missing something, but I wanted to print a series of email messages and responses between myself and a  student that took place in Canvas.  Am I able to do that that?  Anytime I open one message to reply to it, I can see all the other messages that went back and forth between us, but I need a way of printing this in one single document.  Sadly, there is an incident of academic misconduct that I need to report in my class, and I need to include all correspondence I have had with this student in my report.  This student did not seem to like to use his regular campus email account, so almost all of our correspondence has been through Canvas.  


I hope this makes sense.  Thank you for your help.  I do know that I get email alerts when messages are sent through Canvas, but I don't think I saved all of those email alerts with the messages, and even then, I would just typically see one message at a time and not the whole conversation.  I was hoping to avoid having to print out multiple pages to include in my report.