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Conflicting due dates

Question asked by Victoria Zotova on Dec 12, 2017
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Hi, my question has to do with assigning different due dates. I read some of the previous discussions, but need clarification on my particular question. I have a class with two sections of the same class, each section taking the quiz within 2 set hours on different dates for each section. I have several students in each section that need to be able to take the quiz any time on the same date as their section.


So, I have assigned the whole sections their respective 2-hour times and assigned the full days for the students in question. In this way, however, these students seem to be included in both the full section and in their individual (extended time). Is that ok? I want to make sure the full-class restriction will not be applied to these students, and I am wondering whether I need to type each of the remaining students in the 2-hour slot or it is ok to just specify the whole section (these are big sections...). I cannot do Everyone else because that would include both section, and my two sections take the quiz on different days/times.