Kay McLennan

Recordings of Select Educator Presentations at the recent OSCC17 Virtual World Conference

Discussion created by Kay McLennan on Dec 16, 2017

Click on the title of the different educator* presentations (below) to watch the recordings of these sessions at the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017 (held in the OSCC grid [virtual world] on December 9-10, 2017). See the entire list of [the selected] available recorded presentations from the OSCC17 event on the AvaCon Channel in YouTube.


  • The Liverpool & Manchester Railway circa 1830 (Graham Mills) - Presentation detailed how (in the absence of a photographic record of the railway) OpenSim is being used to model parts of the railway and adjacent areas.
  • 40 Virtual Cities Online (Christer Lindstrom) - Described how public and private stakeholders are working together – using the OpenSimulator platform – to visualize, simulate, and plan future urban landscapes.
  • Case Study Simulations for In- and Out-of-World Use (Kay McLennan) - Presented research findings on different types of case study virtual world learning simulations. Also, the presentation included "how to" information (re: how to create case study simulations with NPCs and chatbots in an OpenSimulator grid).
  • Bringing Literature to Life in OpenSim (Mary Howard and Andrew Wheelock) – Detailed how the Understanding the Holocaust Project (that correlates with the Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank) and the Westing Mansion Project (that correlates with the fictional story The Westing Game) are being used to teach literature in OpenSim.
  • Developing Usable Prototypes for Serious Games in OpenSim (Rachel Umoren and Evalyn Gossett) - An overview of the development process for serious games, including prototyping, usability testing, and more.
  • Virtual Worlds Database (Alyse Dunavant-Jones, Valerie Hill, and Marie Vans) – Introduced the OpenSim community to how the Virtual Worlds Database is being use to promote the best educational content virtual worlds have to offer, including the Digital Citizenship Museum.


* Educators have been using virtual world learning simulations for real time discussions, "walk around in" 3D models, learning games, etc. [OpenSimulator-based virtual worlds] for more than a decade.  Fast forwarding to the present day, educators need an external tool (API) of the viewer needed to access an OpenSim virtual world that can be integrated in Canvas!