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Create an external tool not_selectable

Question asked by Rajesh Banoth on Dec 18, 2017
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I am trying to create an external tool with from an LTI tool using Canvas API External Tools - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

not_selectable          boolean     
Default: false, if set to true the tool won't show up in the external tool selection UI in modules and assignments

below is the payload I am using for creating the external tool:

            "name" => "title",
            "consumer_key" => "consumer_key",
            "shared_secret" => "test_secret",
            "url" => external_url,
            "not_selectable" => true

I am able to create the External tool in the canvas, But the created External tool is still visible under

  1. settings > apps
  2. External tool selection UI in modules.

This should not be visible in the above areas, please guide me about this. 


Thanks In Advance