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Module view question

Question asked by on Jun 3, 2015
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I did a search through the ideas and did not see this topic, and i am curious as to what people think about it as a possible feature idea.


I am in the process of learning the layout and use of modules in a course.  I like being able to see all of the content in the module by opening it with one click (I assume that is what everyone means by a flat hierarchy as compared to a folder/subfolder system).  In any case, I would like the option to view it as a single list or as a list or as a table format (like the options available for looking at the contents of folders in a pc - list versus table(thumbnails) ).  From the table format if you click to expand on the module it would go to a view that currently exists with that module on the top and then the table form of the modules below it.  Collapse the module back down and you go back to the table format of the list.


My reasoning behind this idea is that for most courses I teach, I have 1 module for each chapter or 1 module for each week.  That results in somewhat long list of modules that can all be opened or closed at any given time.  with the table format only one module could be open at a time.  If it is desired to have 2 or more modules open, then the view would have to be toggled to the list form first.


Any ideas or comments are greatly appreciated