Melissa Buonato

What to do if you are having issues with your Class Notebook.

Discussion created by Melissa Buonato on Dec 19, 2017

After one of our users accidentally moved their class notebooks folder in one drive we had to do several things to get the desktop and cloud version syncing before the user could see student notebooks and distribute pages.

  1. Class Notebook folder works best if at the top level of your one drive.
  2. Make sure the teacher has the class notebook add-in on the desktop version.
  3. Make sure the connections of the class notebook add-in point to your canvas instance (ie )hhtps:// 
  4. Make sure the notebook is paired with a canvas class (map class notebook menu in connections)
  5. close all the desktop notebooks that are open
  6. remove local cache files C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\version
  7. In user accounts go to manage credentials and remove any items relating to onenote
  8.  Re-boot the machine
  9. re-open the notebooks and sync to the O365