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Are any other APAC Universities successfully using Crosslisting?

Question asked by Jayde Colquhoun on Dec 19, 2017

We are currently reviewing some requests across the university for crosslisting. 


On the surface to most, cross-listing seems like the perfect solution for convenience of teaching through only one course shell, while still have students connected to their original enrolment. 


But a deeper look raises some concerns, such as student privacy (students being able to access another course's people list- and if using restricted sections, still requires multiple discussions/ groups to manage communication - is a crosslist even worth it then?).


Another concern is permissions at a large scale level - cross-listing requires:

  • At the account level, users must have the Manage Courses permission enabled as well as Manage course sectionsand Add/remove other teachers, course designers, or TAs to the course
  • At the course level, users must have the Manage course sections and Add/remove other teachers, course designers, or TAs to the course permissions.

Some of these permissions are turned off, so cross-listing needs to happen within our institution at an administration level, requiring a request process. 

To some of the more 'Canvas Mature' Uni's here, I wanted to ask if you are using cross-listing and how, along with what obstacles did you face in implementation?

Thank you!