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Question asked by Ryan Peters on Dec 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by jsparks

Hi. I'm testing the new quiz LTI and I have some questions.


1) Will quiz preview be added before release? At the moment, I can only preview by accessing student view.


2) Will html editor be added before release?


3) I've noticed that the 'hide student scores' option is not available. Perhaps I have missed something here? I have tried muting the assignment in gradebook but it still shows the score and test information at the end of the test.


4) Will partial scoring be added to all question types that allow multiple questions? For example, I really like 'Categorisation' question but there is no partial scoring available.


5) A small point, but there is a confusing instruction in the fill in the blank question: Create or select text in the stem below and press Enter to create a new blank. The stem is in fact above this instruction.