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LTI External Assignment with Canvas submission system

Question asked by Robert Tran on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by James Jones


I'm a TA for at school that just switched to Canvas. My class is a CS class with a large number of autograded programming assignments (you run make grade and it spits out a grade, grade is entered into gradebook manually)


We'd like to be able to setup an autograder that automatically grades these submissions and puts the grade into the gradebook, without any intervention on our part




Is it possible to create an LTI External Assignment while still using Canvas' submission system?


Here's an example workflow:

1. Student opens assignment page, is presented with regular Canvas submission system.

2. Student uploads submission.

3. Some kind of hook or LTI thing is triggered, submission is posted to an external server, external server sends back grade via grade passback api


Am I thinking about this in the wrong way? Should I be using a different API?


This could all be done with a cronjob and pulling submissions from Canvas via APIs, but that seems like kind of a hack solution.


some posts I've already looked at

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GitHub - instructure/lti_example: an example of using LTI and the Outcomes Service in Instructure Canvas