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Hide an assingment with group signups from student gradebook.

Question asked by Jeff Herring on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2018 by Jeff Herring

At one point in my class I have my students break up into smaller groups so they can come in on a specific day. '

To do this I created an assignment worth zero points "Grade does not count towards final". This was to facilitate the ability for the students to choose a day that they desired. With it being an assignment I set the deadline for their group to the day they were to come to class. This also put a notification in their calendar as a reminder. It also prevented them from not showing up and giving a lame excuse like, "Oh I thought I was in Thursday's group".


I did run into an issue where they saw the assignment in their grade book and about half the class asked me. "How come there isn't a grade next to the signup-assignment?"

Is there a way to to keep the signups with calendar notifications but not have it show up in the student's grade book. I could hide from mine as well.


It just now occurred to me that I could unpublish the assignment after the event. But would that wipe the student's self signups? (I know they signed up on the groups page but since the deadlines were tied to the assignment would unpublishing it mess with the signups in case a student later challenges it at the end of the course in hopes leveraging a better grade. I may not grade the sign-up but I would mark off if they were# absent that day.


Or is there a better way to do this?