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Blueprint: How to copy a mixed source course?

Question asked by Kalli Binkowski on Dec 27, 2017
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Hi All,


Here's my scenario.  I've got a Biology course with a lab, multiple instructors.  each instructor has their own lecture resources, but all the labs are the same.  So we decided to go with Blueprint for the lab portion of the course.  Our best implementation of this was to have the lecture content contained in pages or ungraded assignments linked on a home page with the Lab material coming from the blueprint contained in Modules.  You should know that we were just implementing Canvas at our University at the time, so in our initial build there were lots of complications with sub accounts and moving the blueprint and child courses around that resulted in duplication of content.  So I'm just not quite sure how to manage moving this course to a new semester without creating duplications, which were a pain to clean up.


Now I'm stuck with this - how do I copy it over into a new semester?  Our main issues are ease of shifting due dates and not creating duplications.  Here are the ideas I'm pondering:

  •  We thought maybe do a selective import of the lecture materials and then break the sync with the old courses and now sync with the new courses and the lab materials should come over, hopefully without creating duplicates. Turns out it is quite hard to identify just the lecture materials, and we would have to wait to shift the dates until we break the sync with the old courses.  Luckily we have about a month between semesters, we would have to shift all the dates manually because we didn't copy the blueprint into a new course site.
  • If we imported the whole child course into a new site- lecture and blueprint lab, if we resync with the original blueprint will we get duplicates?  We'd still need to shift the dates manually, and I'm betting we'd get duplications.
  • Do we go through some complex thing where we copy all the courses and the blueprints, shifting the blueprint dates, resync the copies. Would the copies resync with the originals or would get duplicates of everything because its a new blueprint and new courses?  Or do we get even more complex and delete everything in the blueprint and sync, would that leave just the lecture materials in the copy courses, which we could then import into the live courses and sync with the original blueprint course or a shifted copy of the blueprint course?


Am I just making this too hard?  Anyone else running mixed blueprint courses?  Thanks in advance for any advice.