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Quiz Setting: Only Once After Each Attempt?

Question asked by Kimberly Smith on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2017 by Kimberly Smith

I am just looking for a bit of clarification please. I have wondered about this because when selecting the "Only Once After Each Attemptis" option, the quiz "Details" say:  View Responses = Always. This always struck me as odd. Then I was reading the information about Quiz Settings at Quiz Settings to Maximize Security , and I noticed what I am hoping is just a typo, and that the word "not" (blue text below) is missing from the following passage? Otherwise, I have been misunderstanding the "Only Once After Each Attempt" option for some time now . Here is the passage:

"Only Once After Each Attempt - This checkbox option allows students to see (1) the quiz questions & answer options, (2) the answer options the student selected, (3) if they got a question incorrect or partially incorrect, and (4) ALL question feedback, but only ONCE after they have submitted a quiz. In a proctored environment this is a useful setting because students will get to see feedback from the quiz, but it is only visible immediately after submitting the quiz. If the student goes back to the quiz they will see their score for the quiz, but none of the other quiz information (1-4 above) will [not] be visible." 

Was this just a typo, or have I been misunderstanding the "Only Once After Each Attempt" option? Along these same lines, am I correct in assuming that when using this option students cannot see 1-4 after their last attempt (once they exit the quiz page). Thank you for your help.