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How long will instructors give students to have all the required textbooks if the students has to wait for financial aid?

Question asked by Karen Kassube on Jan 7, 2018

Hi there, I have a few questions actually, the First question is how flexible are the instructors as to having the textbooks and materials for class?  I am currently waiting for the financial aid to contact me on whether or not i will be receiving any aid for this semester, I filled out my Fasfa,  in December 2017 and have enrolled in my classes for Spring 2018, but I still don't know if I will be getting any help with funding, if that's the case I wont be able to afford my textbooks until I get my taxes back which won't be until sometime in February, so my second question is how long will the instructors allow for the students to acquire the course materials? And will instructors try to post any materials for those who have to wait for funding?  Any input would be appreciated.  Thank You>