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Getting  rid of numbers at the end of page titles after importing

Question asked by Shannon Ahrndt on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2018 by Jeremy Lucabaugh

I have two sections of the same class, one online and one F2F. I imported my Fall courses into my Spring, but after updating my F2F course for Spring, I realized I made a lot of changes so I thought it would be easier to just import the updated F2F course to my Spring online course (I basically wanted to overwrite the previous import). However, instead of completely overwriting the previous import, it just added the Spring 2018 to the Fall 2017 content.


I went through and deleted the Fall 2017 content, but now Canvas has put numbers at the end of my Page titles. For example, instead of just "Syllabus", it says "Syllabus - 2". I've tried to delete the numbers from the Page titles but Canvas continues to revert to the numbered titles. How can I get rid of those numbers so as to not confuse students? 

Thank you!