Joel (Inactive) Brown

Pre-Enrolment LLN Assessment - How do you manage them?

Discussion created by Joel (Inactive) Brown on Jan 3, 2018

I am currently at a crossroads for which way to go as I build this particular element of my companies enrolment process. 
Students are required to complete a Language Literacy and Numeracy assessment before we complete their enrolment and grant them access to the Canvas course. 
I am curious if anyone else has created a pre-enrolment assessment using a canvas course and has any feedback on its success or functionality. 


Is it possible to send out a link to a course or assessment and have a student self-enrol? If so, how did you manage to collect the results from that self-enrolment and to attach it to an application?

I know that I've self-enrolled in courses from the community before but I already have an account. Is it possible to have students create an account themselves for this purpose?


I'm concerned that doing it in canvas will create more admin work for our admissions team (creating accounts, explaning website use, layout etc) just to assess someone's LLN capabilities before they are even enrolled.

My other option currently is to create a Google Form and treat the assessment as a survey which upon completion is emailed to admissions and will include the same student details as is on the enrolment form. 

This would be the far easier option but I would like to utilise the canvas platform as much as possible so I'm all ear's for anyone else's ideas on how to accomplish this.