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Scores not showing up in new grade book

Question asked by Margaret Kline on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Ken Black

This is for an on-ground class with all assignments graded on paper. Grades for the first quiz showed up when I input them last Thursday. They still show up for the students, but do not appear in my grade book. They are there if I download as a CSV. They show in grade book history. The students can see them. 


Since the students said they could see the grades I went ahead and input the quiz 2 grades. Again, they show up in grade book history, but disappear as soon as I go down to input the next student's grade. 


When I open the grade book, two identical error messages appear that say "Oops - last request did not work out."


Mac OS 10.13.2. Safari 11.0.2 AND Chrome  63.0.3239.84 (?). Input Quiz 1 grades in Safari and Quiz 2 grades in Chrome.