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How do I make one assignment out of a group optional using a weighted grading system?

Question asked by Becky Corriell on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by James Jones

I am using a new weighted graded system this quarter, and I am struggling with two interconnected issues. First, students in my course are required to complete a total of 5 group response papers out of 6 possible. In this scenario, they have the option of skipping one of the six, or they can complete all of them and the 6th one will count as extra credit. I'm struggling with how to set this up in the Assignment Groups. I thought about making the 6th one an extra credit assignment, but how do I account for students completing the 6th assignment as one of the required 5 (and skipping one in the middle, say the 3rd paper)? 


I also thought about putting all six papers in the same assignment group (with no extra credit group), and then adding a drop one zero score rule, but some students won't have any zeros (because they will have completed all six papers so they could earn extra points)


Any insights would be much appreciated!