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How to see which ideas are newly open for voting?

Question asked by Beth Young on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by ldprogrammers

Has anyone found a good way to locate the ideas that are newly open for voting June 3 instead of open from May 5? This problem is similar to, but not exactly the same as, seeing which ideas I've already voted on.  Which Ideas Have I Voted On?


For awhile, I looked at the "new" ideas and bookmarked the ones I planned to vote on when June 3 rolled around. That takes time, though, and I wasn't able to do it consistently. I want to view the ideas that just became open for voting in order to find ones that I have not already looked at. There's no option to sort by creation date (that I have been able to find).


I tried sorting by latest activity, but that doesn't help because older ideas can still have recent activity.  Then I tried sorting by score, reasoning that newer ideas would have lower scores. I navigated to the very end of the list, which requires paging through one page at a time because there is no "skip to the end," and worked backwards. However, the newer items are mixed in with the older items and if a new idea has received lots of votes already, it will take a long time to find this way, as there are currently 31 pages to look through. Also, as I vote on ideas, their position in the list changes and I find myself looking at them twice.


Is there something I'm missing? What is your strategy for locating just the newest feature ideas? I'm hoping to have a system figured out before July 1!