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Delay in Completed Work Showing up in Teacher Account

Question asked by Mary Eubanks on Jan 7, 2018
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My son has had difficulty all semester with having a delay between when he submits an assignment to when the teacher recognizes that the assignment has been submitted. He has resubmitted assignments, and sometimes 1 or 2  will show up and the rest will not. He submitted about 10 assignments over break, and none of them showed up. I had him resubmit them a few days into January, and 3 of them showed up. His teacher had him resubmit them again and still no assignments showing up for her to grade. I am concerned because it is almost the end of the semester, and I want him to get credit for his work before the grades have to be in.  I can see where it says on his account that the assignments say, "turned in". On his teacher's account, they are marked,"not turned in", and on my parent account, they are marked, "not turned in". The teacher says no one else in the class has had this issue as far as she knows.