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Credit for Practice Exercises and Quizzes

Question asked by Svetla Slaveva-Griffin on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Svetla Slaveva-Griffin

I am teaching an online course on medical terminology. I present the concept of deconstructing terms into word parts to deduce unfamiliar terms and understand the bases of familiar terms. Most of the coursework is rote, however, but to encourage the students to practice, practice, practice, I give credit towards their final grade for completing practice exercises and quizzes prior to taking a chapter exam. Their actual scores on the assignments and quizzes do not matter except to give them feedback on their mastery of the terms. Instead, I give them one point for completing a practice exercise or a quiz (the two points are weighted differently in the final grade calculation, though).


To complicate the matter further, their practice exercises are handled through a Pearson MyLab companion course to their textbook. When a student completes an exercise, the score is recorded in the MyLab gradebook as a percentage (represented as a decimal fraction), which then migrates to the course gradebook in Canvas through an automatic syncing of the gradebooks.


Essentially, I ultimately grade each practice exercise and quiz on a Complete/Incomplete-like binary scale (except the choices are 0 points or 1point).


I believe I can make this work by downloading the scores into a spreadsheet, transforming the grading scales, and then uploading the scores back to the gradebook. I would be happier if this could be done automatically in the Canvas gradebook. Say, for example, the scores for the practice assignments and quizzes are recorded into columns, but are not counted towards the final grade. Then, magically, a "Total" column for each type of practice would keep a running count of non-zero practice-column entries.


Fundamentally, I am asking if there is anyway to add to the gradebook columns whose entries are functions of other columns?


I would greatly appreciate any guidance on this issue.


Svetla Slaveva-Griffin