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Sorting the find a question bank dialogue

Discussion created by Kona Jones Champion on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2018 by chofer@morainepark.edu

Per a conversation on this document - Sorting the Find a Rubric dialog - it would be great if there was a Canvancement that would sort the find a question bank dialogue box. Right now when you go to add a question from a question bank the search box brings up all of the question banks from all of your courses. The question banks are in alphabetical order, but I would really like it if the questions were initially organized so the questions at the top were from the course you were working in. My user case is that yesterday I was adding questions from a question bank that was at the very end of the question bank list. Every time I went to add a question I had to scroll back and forth through all of my question banks from every course trying to find the right one.Yes, I eventually found it, but it was annoying and time consuming. 


Is there anyone else that would find this useful? What sorting options would people like or find useful?


I'm tagging James Jones and Sharmaine Regisford since they were part of the original discussion.