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Ghost students are haunting my Canvas courses

Question asked by Darin Johnson on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Mira Bektimirova

Canvas sent my BP into the red zone today! After returning from Winter Break, a few of my students started having problems with my Canvas integrations. For example, they would go to a Playposit activity, and a few would get an error message.


In the fall, I had them create a new Canvas account with their own passwords. Yesterday, a student was having problems. She had logged in using the Google button because she didn't want to type her school e-mail address and password. I had her log out and then log in by typing in her e-mail address and her password. And Playposit then worked for her.


Last night the same student submitted essays to Unicheck via Canvas. However, Unicheck was not passing back her checked work. Because it's the end of the semester, I told her that I was not seeing her submitted work. I'm not the world's greatest teacher because she had logged in with Google AGAIN. She went back and logged into Canvas using the "old" method. Now I see her assignments in SpeedGrader.


When I look into Unicheck submissions, I can see that she submitted twice. The Google Sign in submission that did not get to SpeedGrader looks like this:  116762133188526543067 (

The submission that Unicheck returned to Canvas looks like this: Angel Grese ( That 116762133188526543067 is what I'm also seeing in PlayPosit when students are having problems.



I've  logged into Playposit and into Unicheck and looked for activity from ghost accounts where the students logged in with Google rather than at the original sign in. After freaking out this morning, I hope I found the five or six students who had ghost assignments and entered grades for them.


Before I open next semester's courses, what do I need to do so that this doesn't happen in the future?