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Struggling with Testing Content and Rubrics

Question asked by on Jun 5, 2015
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Hi Folks. I have a question that maybe you can help me with. I am creating a graded quiz with rubric and I have updated both the quiz content and the rubric along the way. I would like to see what this looks like to a student. When I click on Student View (and click on Refresh Student), I still see the old quiz content. If I masquerade as a student and click on Resume Quiz (because I've started the quiz in the past), I see the old content. Is there a way to truly refresh the quiz so I can see it "as new" from a student perspective?


Also, I'm having difficulty with testing the rubric. I cannot determine a way to see the updated rubric content from the Admin/Teacher viewpoint in the Gradebook. I am also really hesitant to do this anywhere other than in the "TEST STUDENT" that Canvas creates when you use Student View because I know that once a student is graded, I will no longer be able to make changes to the Outcomes or the Rubric and will have to start from scratch which is really time-consuming (not to mention soul-crushing).


Any suggestions are gratefully accepted!