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Adding Storyline files in Canvas

Question asked by on Jun 5, 2015
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Hi All!

I uploaded a Storyline file as a zip and Canvas unzipped it for me (thank you, Canvas!). Then, I made a new page and wanted to add some text and then the Storyline content. I can add the text, but I am unable to select the content in the files section (launcher.html.) I can see the files but I can't select them to add to the page.


Essentially, I created a lesson presentation and want to add that presentation to my course. If adding it to a page is not the correct methodology, please advise. If it is, if you could advise why I can't add files to a page, I would appreciate it.


As an added note, I tried to add a PowerPoint to a Page and wasn't able to add it from the files section.  If I make the page, then upload the file, the file goes into the page, but if I upload the file to the course, and then try to link to it, I am unable to link from the files section.