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Using the Student App to Edit a Page (wiki)

Question asked by Bradon Lewis on Jan 11, 2018

My team recently had a professor ask us to help create an assignment that could be created/edited in class. He wanted his students to be able to break into groups during one of his classes and create a response that would be placed inside of canvas. But he also didn't want this to require the use of any third party integration (Google Drive, O365). 


At first we wanted to use collaborations...however the professor wanted to be done with out the use of third party apps. 


Our solution was to create a content page in his canvas course and grant access to students to be able to edit. This seemed to hit all of the requests that the professor had. Only in testing we discovered that any students using the mobile app were unable to edit a page, even when given the permissions. Is there a setting that I've missed...or is this functionality just not in the student app?