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Broken Canvas server - Possible to integrate database with new install?

Question asked by Scott Looney on Jan 16, 2018
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hi folks! this is much more of a heavy server question for Canvas. i won't go into the gory details but i somehow messed up my self hosted server configuring SSL. it now refuses to load the page and is consistently redirecting to the IP and bouncing between it and the login page. i've troubleshooted the server configuration on Apache and it appears that something is consistently redirecting the access further up the stack - possibly within the database itself.


this is a new server where i was developing a test course and foolishly i did not back up the course or the server until this situation occurred (thanks, Murphy). so i can reimage the server which wipes out the data. however i did back up the PostgreSQL database and the /tmp folder under /public in the /htdocs folder which has my course images. the rest of it is links or Canvas pages assumedly in the database.


now, the 1 billion dollar question. can i do a heart transplant and import or replace the database and the /htdocs/public/tmp folder in the new imaged version with the backed up version? i have no idea folks but if anyone's got clues i'm all ears.


i'm also very open to possibly paying for some Canvas database support if there's an expert around who has integrated databases previously. neither CanvasLMS or Bitnami (the one who made the application stack) show up on places like Fiverr but essentially i'd be looking for a CanvasLMS database wizard.


any advice appreciated! thanks!

PS -  Stuart Ryan - this is the issue that cropped up when i tried to configure SSL on the server per my previous post. it basically went into a redirect loop and hasn't come out. i have tried a ridiculous amount of things to no avail. i thought a separate post was warranted.