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My students have access to my own one drive through word online! Help.

Question asked by stacy johnson on Jan 14, 2018
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When my students go to modules and access a file that I have connected to my one drive account, the file comes up in Word Online - good. On the right side of the screen, students can click on Edit Document which allows them to download the file - I would rather them not be able to do this and would like to know how to prevent this from happening, but this is not the major problem. The major problem is found over on the left hand side of the word online file where my name resides with the one drive file location of the document.  When students click on this, they get right into my personal one drive account and can have free reign to do whatever.  I cannot figure out how to stop this and neither can our IT guy or any teachers.  I am desperate for help. School starts, again on Tuesday.  Please help me to stop the sharing of files.