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Canvas API Wiki Page Body Update

Discussion created by Matthew Riecken on Jan 16, 2018
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Hi Everyone -


I am in the process of setting up an API call to retrieve the body content from a wiki page, edit the content, and post the edited content back to my wiki page. I have everything in order, however, when I PUT the wiki_page[body] updates in my API call, it is only writing the first few HTML elements to the wiki page. The rest of my page content is lost. My wiki_page HTML is ~200 lines long... Is this too much content to send in an API update? I am following the documentation guidelines here... 


My primary goal in setting this up is to automate the update of dates in our page content as we launch each new term. Right now it is a manual process that takes quite a bit of time, and is susceptible to human error.


Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks!