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LTI Grade Passback to Canvas (Node)

Question asked by Nava Kudumala on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Nava Kudumala

H all, I am new to Canvas. I have configured an external LTI application with Consumer and Shared keys. I have finished the quiz and not sure how to post the score back. I am trying to post the below values to the appropriate URL that I found from the Launch request and worried to see 422 error. I am not sure how to post the xml file back to canvas(just named the xml as POX). 



oauth_consumer_key: 'Canvas',

  oauth_nonce: 'KXvHX41nyKdn1zZ9myKPCGRuep7Jrq6C',

  oauth_signature_method: 'HMAC-SHA1',

  oauth_timestamp: 1516127772,

  oauth_version: '1.0',

  POX: '<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?><imsx_POXEnvelopeRequest xmlns=""><imsx_POXHeader><imsx_POXRequestHeaderInfo><imsx_version>V1.0</imsx_version><imsx_messageIdentifier>999999123</imsx_messageIdentifier></imsx_POXRequestHeaderInfo></imsx_POXHeader><imsx_POXBody><replaceResultRequest><resultRecord><sourcedGUID><sourcedId>245-608-13506-3529-e3f7e1de3a34bc56a747b863a09f5c970e65320d</sourcedId></sourcedGUID><result><resultScore><language>en</language><textString>0.92</textString></resultscore><resultData><text>text data for canvas submission</text></resultData></result></resultRecord></replaceResultRequest></imsx_POXBody></imsx_POXEnvelopeRequest>',

  oauth_signature: 'MIdoNC8UHnvM72oKCyRvYRv6sf4='