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Using grade passback with multiple Canvas assignments

Question asked by Nikolas Nyby on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2018 by Stuart Ryan


I've developed a tool that can be used as an external tool in Canvas. The way it works is, instructors create a quiz in my tool, embed this quiz in Canvas using the External Tool feature, then students can make a submission on this quiz.


I'm running to a problem here. If a student makes a submission on assignment A, then assignment B, their score for assignment B overwrites their assignment A score. And in the Assignments list, Canvas still has a null score for assignment B.


Is there something I need to pass in to Canvas that I'm missing? By the way, I'm using this django library for the LTI connection: GitHub - ccnmtl/django-lti-provider: django-lti-provider adds LTI functionality for the Django web framework. This work …