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URL redirects within a Course

Question asked by Coy Nobles on Jan 16, 2018
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I'm running into a bit of an issue.  We are creating our course "Templates" for use by other professors to build their courses.  In the first module, we cover various housekeeping bits and one of those is the syllabus.  We want to link to the course syllabus page from within the module itself (I know its right there on the side bar, that is irrelevant).  I do not see a way to make this happen within canvas so I've been working on a simple HTML file that we can use in the module.  By using the Meta tag with a "refresh", we are able to get URLs to popup within the content area for the file.  Its not the best solution as a true redirect would be outstanding but it will do for what we are going for. 


The problem I am running into now is the appendage of the URLs themselves.  For instance, we would like to simply append '/assignments/syllabus' to the base URL for the course.  The reason this is important is to assure that the link always references the current course.  HREFs also appear to not be allowed.  Does anyone have a solution for something similar to this or have any suggestions on a different approach?