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Parent Accounts - What can we expect?

Question asked by KRISTIE BAYLESS on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Lauren Fox

We're a mid-size school district with around 14,000 students on Canvas.  Our district has been using Canvas for several years, but until now we have not offered Canvas parent accounts. We're expecting quite a bit of interest when this is announced since parents have been asking for this access. This brings up the question of support.  

We'd appreciate feedback from districts who also implemented Canvas Parent after initial implementation.

1. What was your plan for parent support?  Did parents contact the schools, a centralized Help Desk, Canvas Support?

2. What was the volume of calls to begin and how long did the initial rush last?

3. What types of questions did you receive?  What support did the parents require?

4. Any unexpected challenges?


Thank you for your assistance!


Update 5/4/18

I thought I'd post an update on a few things that might contribute to the knowledge base on parent accounts.

1. After we rolled out, we had difficulties with our parents getting error messages when they attempted to create their accounts in the browser.  This was odd, because we'd thoroughly tested prior.  It turns out there was a conflict between the parent setup our staff/student LDAP authentication, even though the parent requests were never hitting our system.  That was fixed by Instructure, but it slowed down the roll-out because the build up for parents was met with errors and then a hold while we figured out what the issue was.  Perhaps it would have been best to start with a single school for marketing purposes, even though parent gets turned on for everyone at once.  Hindsight is 20/20!

2. Peyton Craighill posted his parent update. Canvas Parent 2.0! We're really happy to see this.  We'd decided to only release the browser version this spring, but the new release will make it possible to turn the app on as well.