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Removing Unused Assignment Columns in Gradebook

Question asked by Jennifer McGee on Jan 16, 2018
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Hi all,


I rotate class projects from semester to semester.  I have created three 'Assignment Groups' in Canvas to organize the three different projects and nest the individual assignments for each project within each group. Let's call them Project 1, Project 2 and Project 3.


However, even when all the assignments are unpublished, the name of each "Assignment Group" remains in the instructors and student grade book.  So this semester I want to assign Project 1, but not Project 2 and 3. I unpublish all the assignments from P2 and P3, but yet in the gradebook there are total columns for P2 and P3. 


How can I get rid of those columns so that my students don't start questioning P2 & P3?