Canvas Teacher App Push Notifications

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Hi Everyone! Hope your year is off an amazing start. 


I wanted to bring attention to information that was discussed in another post related to Canvas Teacher app push notifications. I'm curious what everyone thinks about this and if there are any suggestions. 


From Peyton Craighill (The Mobile PM): 


For anyone interested in push notifications in teacher app, we're adding support for the following types, which can be set from your notification settings in Canvas web:

  • Announcement Created By You (announcements created by you and replies to announcements created you've created)
  • All Submissions (assignment submission/resubmission)
  • Late Grading (late assignment submission)
  • Submission Comments (student-posted submission comments)
  • Added To Conversation (you are added to a conversation)
  • Conversation Message (new conversation message)
  • Discussion (new discussion topic in your course)
  • Discussion post (new discussion post in a topic you're subscribed to)

We're in the process of working on deep linking now so that you can tap the notification to land where you'd expect (e.g., receive late assignment submission notification -> tap notification to open that submission in SpeedGrader)



That's all for now.


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