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"To Do" list setting to show ungraded assignments only after the due date?

Question asked by Delainy Farley on Jan 17, 2018

I am a teacher assistant for three calculus courses and an undergraduate student at the same university. All of my classes use Canvas. My teachers post their assignments on Canvas and they show up on my "To Do" list. However, for the classes in which I'm a TA, a message like "Grade Assignment 1" shows up on my "To Do" list every time a student submits an assignment. This gets very annoying, because even when I choose to hide the assignment in order to view my class' assignments, it pops up again and again until students stop submitting.

If possible, how do teacher assistants set their "To Do" list to show what they need to grade ONLY after the assignment is due? Many teacher assistants are students and have other priorities on their to-do list. How can I set my To Do list to show ungraded assignments only after the due date?

See the attached photo for reference.

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