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Open Badges in VET courses

Discussion created by Joel (Inactive) Brown on Jan 21, 2018
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Id love to hear some feedback from other RTO's which use Open Badges (badgr, canvabadge etc) within their courses. 
Looking into its applications I'm not sure what benefit there is for students, other than internal 'merit awards' for progress or engagement etc. 
Given that the UOC package outlines the required skills, would that not stand as the important piece that an employer would want to see. Would there be any benefit for mapping these skills to badges? 
Does anyone have feedback from students regarding badges at all? Do they appreciate them for use in Open Pathways or is it just a feel-good thing for internal use to say well done on X? 

At the moment, I'm looking at ways to group key soft skills that all employers relating to our qualifications would want - If Communication is a key skill that shows up all through the course, and we know from industry consultation that communication is something employers want to see, not just the certificate, then we would craft badges according to this skill or any others that exist. 

As I've never done this before, nor did badges exist when I was going through uni, I really don't know how this will be received and |d love to know more about how other RTO's use them if they do.