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Gradebook Question

Question asked by Craig Gines on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 13, 2018 by Craig Gines
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In the grade book after I have weighted all my assignments it shows the heading


ie homework 5%

    quizzes 40%

whatever etc... now these show up in my grade book which is great, however when I create a quiz and publish it, with an open and end date and time, that also shows up in my grade book and I don't want those quizzes or assignments to show up I just want the original headings with the weighting showing only, now I thought maybe it a reminder type issue because I put a due date and time, so I went back and I removed the due dates and open dates, but it still shows in my grade book. I have spoken to other teachers who have created quizzes, but they did not add due dates or open dates at all so is it a reminder issue like I thought or is it something else.screen shot of my grade book first two boxes about student name and SIS are fine but I want the next 7 boxes not to show up