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Invalid <table> markup in Syllabus/Course Summary?

Question asked by Todd Weissenberger on Jan 23, 2018
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I wasn't able to find this addressed elsewhere, so please excuse any redundancy...


In the Canvas syllabus, the Course Summary section consists of a table populated with dated events. Each event occupies a row, and the event date occupies the first cell in that row. The cell is marked up as <td> and assigned a SCOPE attribute of "row".  Two things:

  • In valid HTML5, the SCOPE attribute is not permitted with the <td> tag.
  • The second cell of each row is another, nested table.

The first issue is invalid HTML; as a result, the Course Summary section fails our in-house testing protocol.

The second just doesn't make sense, when the same effect could be achieved with a simple three-column table.


I am glad to be schooled for a dumb question--am I missing something here? Is this even the right place to ask about this?