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Team assignment using groups

Question asked by Charles Nicholson on Jan 23, 2018
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I am trying to create a team homework assignment for my class of 60 students.  I would like the students to define their own groups with 2 students per group (so 30 groups total).   I see how students can create their own "student groups", but when I create a Group Set associated with my homework assignment (with the appropriate settings -- max of 2; self-assignment allowed) -- I cannot see how the students then create groups as a part of this group set (and assignment).  


I see how to do this manually, but I want the students to self-organize.  Then use that as the basis for their submissions.  The homework assignment will be assigned to all 30 groups with the same due dates, etc.  


I will want a different such group assignment for each of my homeworks throughout the semester.  Is this doable?


Should I create a group set and then automatically create 30 different empty groups for students to add themselves to?  I tried this, but using "student view", I was unable to access any of the groups (it says I am in the wrong section -- even though the "section restriction" was not enabled).


Last semester, my TA manually created all 30 groups based on student partner requests, but that seems inefficient.


I appreciate any help.