Using an LMS for the Very First Time

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I went looking for this topic in the community and didn't find it, so my apologies if is already being discussed elsewhere...


We have a lot of resources and energy devoted to the topic of helping faculty members and institutions migrate from brand X to Canvas - rollout plans, and communication strategies and migration checklists.  But what about selling the basic proposition of a learning management system to a community of educators who have, for the most part, never utilized one?  


I have my own memories from when we did this at a college campus in 2003 where there hadn't been one formally provided.  Some faculty members were doing clever things with their own websites or using publisher provided resources but there wasn't one default platform that students just expected the teachers to use.  It was a time before as Dr. Tod Treat put it "..teaching in an LMS is no longer innovative.  It is traditional teaching."  Rolling out an LMS was something that frankly we had no idea how to well.


Looking back on your own experiences and what you know today, what elements do you think are important in introducing a new technology to a stable group of educators who already have their own toolsets as well as mindsets?  What are the steps, the techniques and the art of doing it well?  What resources would you fall back on?  What are pitfalls that are easy to hit if you don't know about them but easy to miss if you do? 


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