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Canvas Sub-Account Interface

Question asked by Peter Hess on Jun 9, 2015
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I think it would be lovely if Sub-Accounts and the Courses within them were displayed in an window interface very similar to that of New Files, with the Sub-Account hierarchy in the right pane and Courses and child Sub-Accounts belonging to the selected Sub-Account in the left column.  (In other words, Sub-Accounts would be treated like Folders in the Files interface, and Courses treated like Files.)


Since we use up to four levels of hierarchy in our account (and all four levels may contain Courses, which I realize may not be a "best practice" but is not going to change), I find it less than useful that if I select a Sub-Account at a higher level, I see all of the courses from that node all the way down the hierarchy.  (I just want to see what's contained in that Sub-Account).  When I'm in a Sub-Account (or the Root account), I also get impatient about always having to click "Sub-Accounts" in the left Nav Bar to re-display the Sub-Accout hierarchy.


I thought I might post this as a feature request, but I wanted to try it out here in case:

- there are reasons that I'm not aware of for things being as they are

- an existing feature request that covers the same ground (though I couldn't find one)

- people have additional suggestions that they'd like to see added into the feature request.