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Unlock a specific module at a student level?

Question asked by Joel (Inactive) Brown on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Philip Matern

Does anyone know a way that I could unlock a specific module for a student without changing completion settings for previous modules?

This is something I truly miss about Salesforce+Moodle, where it is possible to unlock units manually for a student in salesforce then have that reflect on the Moodle instance. 
As canvas governs the progression and doesn't have an unlock feature at a student level, I'm in a pickle when it comes to students enrolling into courses who have CT for some units/modules and not others.

Currently, I have completion rules set for each module that are: Completion of an intro Quiz (1/1), View chapter 1, Submit assignment 1 and Score at least 1 on assignment 2. 

When a student came in who had CT for module 3/4, I excused them from the assessments and graded the quiz as 1/1, however, module 5 did not unlock for them.

I expect that this is due to the completion rules for 4 being 'view chapter 1 and submit assignment 1' - since they never viewed the page nor have they actually submit anything, these rules override the grades and module 5 didnt unlock.

Id love to know how everyone else handles CT for part of a course or how others excuse certain modules without altering the completion rules for the rest of the class/course.