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Cumulative Quiz Assessment & Outcomes

Question asked by on Jan 29, 2018
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I am a first time user with a reasonable grasp of CANVAS so far, however little first-hand experience, particularly with what to expect.


I have a knowledge-based competency-based unit to deliver. It has 10 very independent elements (areas) The normal is 3-5 related elements. The unit is defined as ungraded (competent or not competent). So I just need students to prove competency. Their results show PX or NYC or NN


My intent/aim was to ask questions as required in line with topic delivery over the 16 weeks of the course until competency was achieved for all elements - A portfolio of evidence


The course guide lists one practical task plus one knowledge portfolio, which in CANVAS language is two assessments.


So far I have:

  • Set up an outcome for each of the elements and set a mastery of 2 times with the only option as right or wrong
  • Started to set up a Test Bank and added a sample test question
  • Before I go too much further I want to make sure I am on the right track.
  • I have aligned the outcomes to the practical task and think this will be OK


I am unsure of the best way to manage Questions Banks, Question Sets etc and if it is possible to have a simple single assessment tool that tallies multiple questions aligned to outcomes.


Any help would be much appreciated with only a short time left until commencement


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