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InstructureCon 2018 Instructional Design Meet & Greet #InstCon #IDMeetup

Discussion created by Adrienne Gauthier on Jan 29, 2018
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IDMeetUp Wed 7/25 7:45-8:45am near breakfast area. Come join the fun and meet ID colleagues!



Whitney Kilgore (iDesign) and Adrienne Gauthier (Dartmouth College) will be hosting the "Instructional Designer Meet & Greet" on Wednesday morning 7:45-8:45am at the breakfast location. Where that specifically is located is not yet known, but we'll be grabbing some real estate off the side like last year. Look for signs and follow our hashtag #InstCon #IDMeetup 

P.S. It will be a clown-free zone, as promised.


During the first breakfast of InstCon2017 Whitney Kilgore (iDesign) and I (Dartmouth College) sponsored an instructional designer "meet and greet" icebreaker for ID-types. It was a fun success where we were able to facilitate introductions through a fun bingo/spy game to help folks get connected moving forward into the rest of the conference. The sticker badges helped us all identify each other later on and it was nice to have an instant buddy in a room full of strangers.


We'd like to do this again this year and would like feedback. We're looking for icebreaker ideas, location suggestions, interest in extensions to the breakfast (ancillary events?) and wondering how we can get it more advertised (in the electronic program perhaps?!)


Brainstorm and comment away! We'll be keeping tabs here as we get closer to the proposal deadline and then moving closer to July.



Adrienne & Whitney


P.S. We promise, there will be NO clowns at our meet-up.